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The slides were dazzling. The message sizzled. The storyline was compelling. The audience was enthralled. The success of the company’s new corporate presentation seemed guaranteed after the company’s CEO presented it during an important sales call.

There was just one problem. No one else could deliver the presentation. It was unpresentable.

How do you create a presentation that is presentable – by just about anyone?

Message First

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Figure out what you want to say before you decide how to say it If your slide deck is failing to get results, it may need more than a cosmetic overhaul. It may need a messaging overhaul. The sales VP’s slide deck was confusing and wasn’t resonating with prospects. So the CEO said, “Send the […]

Planning a Presentation? Start Early

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It’s easy to put off working on your presentation. But the best presenters give themselves more time to create their presentations. Here are a few quick reasons why it pays to start early: Anticipate the unanticipated – For starters, it always takes longer to create a slide deck than you think it will – for […]

Start at the end

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You’re sitting down to start your new presentation.  You know you have a lot of slides to build.  Where to start?  The end – course! Most presenters start at the beginning, creating slides in order without really thinking about what they want to achieve. But the best presentation thinking actually starts at the end. Start […]