Planning a Presentation? Start Early

It’s easy to put off working on your presentation. But the best presenters give themselves more time to create their presentations. Here are a few quick reasons why it pays to start early:

  • Anticipate the unanticipated – For starters, it always takes longer to create a slide deck than you think it will – for example from unanticipated challenges. Perhaps you have to assemble a lot of information.  Or maybe you have to create a lot of new slides. 
  • Percolate – It also pays to give your creative juices time to percolate.  “Sleeping on it” can help you to come up with new ideas or connect others in new ways.  
  • Socialize – Oftentimes you’ll want to socialize your ideas and slides to get input and approvals from others. This always takes longer than you think.

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